Inclusion: Mattress, Bumper and Pillow

Size: 34x19 inches

Foam Thickness: 1 inch

Material: Cotton

Feature: The newest baby nest design, our double braided baby nest! Bumper is detachable, and can be used as a bed/crib bumper with a thick mattress that is easily detachable and washable. This nest crib is made to be used everywhere around the house or be carried with you everywhere you go.


Care Instruction

Pillow: Wash the pillow together with the filling by hand wash or machine wash. If machine wash, please use delicate cycle option.

Braided Bumper:  For Hand wash: use light detergent only and ensure the braid is rinsed thoroughly before hanging to dry. 

For Machine wash: You may use delicate cycle option to avoid detangling of the braid and hang dry only 

Mattress: Open the zipper found on the sides and remove the FOAM first and wash the sheet only. You may hand wash or place in washing machine but hang dry.

Sweet Peach Double Braided Set

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