Avail our Storage Trolley + Laundry Sorter Bundle Promo

If you want to get your kids to start putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, make sorting their laundry more fun! 

- Our laundry sorters divides into 3 sections which is perfect for teaching your kids to separate clothes into light, dark and color

- comes with a small pocket on one side for small garments like socks, mittens and such

-with handles and velcro straps so you may easily carry the canvas bag to your laundry area. 

- easy to assemble

Our Storage Trolley

Material: Carbon Steel

- 4 rolling wheels with handle and lock

- Load weight 50-60 kg

- Easy to assemble, use and clean 

- Best used in home, office and have them close by when you need them

Storage Trolley + Laundry Sorter Bundle Promo

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