Set Includes: Pillow, Blanket and Mattress 

Fabric: 100% cotton

Filling material: high elastic sponge

Features: The mattress can be used as a mobile play mat alone

Size: 90*45*16cm

Feature: Our newest baby design. This adorable baby bed is completely portable and easy to set up. take it with you everywhere you go!


Care Instruction

Pillow: Wash the pillow together with the filling by hand wash or machine wash. If machine wash, please use delicate cycle option.

Blanket: Remove the filling inside the blanket and wash separately. You may hand wash or use washing machine with delicate cycle option.

Mattress: Remove the foams on the side and at the the mattress. (zippers will be on the sides). You may hand wash or use washing machine the sheet with light delicate option but it is advisable to hang dry as some machines causes the cloth to shrink.

Pillowdy Babynest Star Collection- Pink

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