The foldable trolley cart provides easy and maximum storage that folds flat to save space. Use it for easy storing and for hauling heavy items. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Made from high quality and heavy duty materials
  • Big storage capacity with a compartment
  • Ideal weight capacity that carries items ups to 25kg
  • Space saving feature allowing you to fold when not in use
  • Perfect for small homes and during travelling
  • Available in Black, Mint Green, and Blush Pink


  1. Unlock left and right body clips
  2. Pull out front and back to open
  3. Fold down base and snap in place
  4. Slide locking strips on both sides
  5. For the handle, press firmly the button and pull up
  6. To store, fold again and lock the side body clips.
Foldable Trolley Cart by Lily & Tucker Studios

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