aby Protective Playmat

Fabric: Holland Velvet (Front), Anti-skid fabric ( Back)

Filling: Polyester

Size: 150 cm diameter, Thickness: 2.5 cm

Description: This soft playmat can be easily packed and set up anywhere you want. It’s 150cm in diameter providing your baby plenty of room to crawl, roll and play. There’s a zipper in the back to remove the filling so you can easily wash. 

Care Instruction

Pillow: Wash the pillow together with the filling by hand wash or machine wash. If machine wash, please use delicate cycle option.

Playmat: Open the zippers on the side and remove the foam inside and wash the sheet only. Wash the playmat fabric by turning the inside out making sure that all the petals ( the circles on the side) are all inside then before closing the zippers. You may place in washing machine with delicate cycle option. 

Baby Protective Playmat (Koala)

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